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Blanche's Desire
Youthful, vibrant, and with far too many responsibilities to pursue a love life, Blanche Young is over-stressed and under-bedded. Thanks to her brothers, her only long-term relationship is with her favorite vibrator. When Payton Sullivan comes along, he's the embodiment of all her sexual fantasies wrapped up in one well-muscled package. Now, if only her seven over-protective brothers will stay out of her way...

From the first time he sees her, Payton knows Blanche is the hot, luscious incarnation of his dreams. He realizes he has to battle not only his own relationship fears but also her siblings for the right to court her. His ex-girlfriend, however, is a bonafide witch who stalks his every step and is determined to see that there's no happily-ever-after for these two.




In front of her stood the most incredibly edible man she'd ever seen. And she faced him without her bra and panties. Her throat dried up and her legs wobbled.

She'd conjured him up. That was the only logical reason for the stud muffin standing in front of her, looking at her as if he wanted to throw her on top of her desk and ravish her. That must have been why she didn’t recognize his voice right away.

Ravish her? No way. He looked like he wanted to fuck her brains out. Judging by the package filling out his not-so-loose slacks, he'd do a fine job of it.

Blanche blinked several times, trying to clear the image from her mind. Sexual frustration was really getting to her. There was no way on God's green earth that a man as yummy as Payton would do more than look past her for the next Twiggy look-alike. Eye candy like that didn't look twice at normal looking women. He must have been having one hell of a fantasy before she interrupted. She certainly couldn’t be the reason for the bulge behind his zipper.

He certainly didn't have to flatter her; his company already had the job. He could go right on ignoring her. It was what she was used to from gorgeous men.

Rubbing her hand on her skirt again, she tried to chase away the tingling sensation left over from a simple handshake. She clutched at the fabric in a determined effort to keep from reaching out and touching him again to see if the jolt had been real. More likely than not, it was just static electricity. He had been crawling out from under her desk, after all.

She struggled to gain control of the situation. She certainly couldn't go home now. Think cool, calm, and collected. "I'm really surprised to see you here. I just assumed when we made the arrangements that you'd send an employee."

"Like I said, every once in a while, I need to get away from the office. So here I am." He bent his muscular arms at the elbow and shrugged his shoulders. The boyishly charming gesture worked for him.

"I'm sure if Aaron knew the person checking out the lay of the land owned the company he wouldn't have sent our brother to drag me back." She pursed her lips--unglossed, damn it--as she thought. She might actually have to admit that she felt gratitude to Aaron for this. He'd given her the opportunity to feast on some magnificent eye candy. "But, then again, knowing Aaron, it probably wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference." She smiled up at her fantasy man.

"I think I'm about done out here. I need to take some measurements in Aaron's office and in the closet where we decided to set up the network switch. If you'll just show me where that is, I'll be out of your hair."

In a minute, I'll be out of my clothing. She chewed on the inside of her lip. Blanche tucked a stand of her hair behind her ear as she thought of Payton raking his fingers through her dark strands. His long, thick fingers. She wished he still had work to do in the main office. Her mouth watered at the thought of staring at his butt as he moved around on his hands and knees. She wondered if she could spy on him while he did whatever it was he needed to do in Aaron's office. Probably not without getting caught and looking like a fool.

"If you'll follow me," she gestured to the hallway at the back of the office. She thought she felt his eyes boring into her butt as she led the way to the short corridor that connected the front office to the rest of the building. But that had to be a part of her very active fantasy. Men didn't gawk at women with more than a little meat on their bones. Men didn't look twice at her.

Each of her brothers had an office in the main building, even though they seldom spent any time in residence. Aaron oversaw the entire operation, a general contractor of sorts. Her remaining six brothers each specialized in an area of construction. This allowed Seven Brothers Construction to control every aspect of a project, ensuring quality and controlling costs. As a result, the family owned enterprise claimed a stellar reputation and was the leading commercial and residential builder in the valley.

Blanche took pride in the accomplishments of their little company that could. Their growing business was the impetus for pushing Aaron to install the computer network and develop a Web presence. From a purely business standpoint, the decision made fiscal sense. From a purely personal standpoint, the decision was pure Nirvana. She couldn't wait to work on a top of the line computer and try out her HTML skills. With any luck, she'd suck at Web design and would have an excuse to call the man in front of her again.

He was a long tall drink of water. He wore his thick, dark brown hair brushed back from his oval-shaped face, cut slightly long--not long enough to touch his collar, but long enough to run her fingers through. Finely arched brows topped chocolate brown eyes. A little bump marked the middle of his nose, making it pleasingly imperfect. His full bottom lip begged to be kissed. Her tongue ached to trace it and the cleft in his chin right below.

Thanks to Payton's urge to get down and dirty, she'd be able to gaze on his fine physique for a few days. He had to be at least six-two, if not more. He stood a head taller than her own five-seven. Broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist and lean hips. The Polo shirt bearing the company logo hugged his thick biceps. The man may sit behind a desk, but he was no couch potato. His khakis were tight enough that when his thigh muscles flexed, she could see the ripple of muscle. She couldn't exactly see his butt, so she imagined it to be as well formed as the rest of him.

His images would inspire her masturbatory thoughts for many days to come. Literally. And when he was done, well, it had been good while it lasted. She folded her arms and rubbed them against her tingling nipples.

What on earth was wrong with her? Sure, she enjoyed a good-looking man as much as the next woman. She lusted and drooled with the best. Within a matter of minutes, however, this man had managed to turn her into a full-fledged hoochie mamma. She was ready to strip down for a complete stranger and beg him to take her.

Note to self, orgasm interruptus is not a good thing for many reasons.

The direction of her thoughts was interrupted when Payton bumped into her, jostling her. His strong, warm hands darted out to grasp her upper arms as he stabilized her by pulling her back against his chest. His rock solid chest. Tremors fanned out from every point of contact, running straight to her nipples and her clit. She fought the urge to relax into his body, to rub against him, to undulate against him, to reclaim her missing climax anyway she could. Then she felt it, prodding at the small of her back. Something that felt distinctly like an erection. A very nice sized erection.

Yep, hoochie mamma extraordinaire.

She could have been mistaken. It had been three long years since she felt anything that wasn't made out of rubber or plastic with an on/off switch. It certainly felt like a hard cock pressing there.


PC wanted to groan.

Great. Just fine, fucking wonderful. His little head had gone and gotten him in trouble. Again. PC knew she'd felt his hard on the instant her back stiffened. He wouldn't blame her if she tossed him out on his ear and hired another company. He'd planned to make a move on her after he completed the job, contrary to the opinion of the one-eyed trouser monster looking to escape its cage. To do anything different reeked of piss-poor judgment, and he prided himself on his professionalism.

He sucked in his breath and waited for the fallout.

She gazed at him through heavy-lidded eyes flicking up to catch his own and down to spot the evidence she already knew existed. He watched her eyes widen when she took in the substantial bulge pushing against his fly. When she didn't pull back in disgust or slap his face, he released a breath he didn't realize he’d been holding.

Her voice was light and breathless when she turned, brushing her hip along his erection, causing him to harden even more. He noted the red blotches on her cheeks. "This is the closet we cleared out for you. I hope it's big enough."

Was that a double entendre?

She spun in a half circle, her hand doing the grazing this time. On purpose? "And that's Aaron's office. I'll head out to my desk and let you get back to work. Just holler if you need anything."

Now that was a come on...wasn't it?

She cast an obviously appreciative eye toward his now fire-poker-stiff stiffy before she pivoted to leave. The motion caused her skirt to flare up, gracing him with the briefest glance at the fleshy mounds of her ass.

Oh, dear heavens, he was in big trouble!

He thought tame, computer-related thoughts as he measured the depth of the soon-to-be computer room. Routers, cables, modems. Definitely no thoughts about hard drives or couplings. He finished up as quickly as possible and moved on to her brother's office. He needed manly smells and a he-man environment to purge all traces of soft curves and tempting scents.

PC spent the next half hour deciding the perfect cable length and how to run all the wiring. He saved his inspection of the hallway until the very last. He wanted to be able to make a hasty exit if being too close to Blanche provoked any more un-businesslike responses.

Before he realized it, he found himself inching closer to the woman he'd been trying to avoid. He struggled against the urge to close the distance between them, to bask in the sexual heat she radiated.

Stronger willpower was definitely required to remain focused.

He'd experienced lust at first sight before. He'd even drooled over women at places where he did computer work. Always, always, he'd successfully controlled his baser instincts until a much more appropriate time and place. Usually a bedroom after several dates. He prided himself on not being a horn dog like so many single men he knew. He dated, he had an active social life. His sex life wasn't half bad either. He didn't starve for female attention and could afford to be picky. He preferred to date women who appealed to him on an intellectual and a physical level.

Those musings led him straight back to Blanche. That and the fact that he could hear her humming along with the radio as she worked. She exuded sexuality, but not in a sleazy way. Not at all. It seeped from her pores unconsciously. He loved that she was lush and full all over.

He had to derail that train of thought before he went back out to the front office. To have sported a boner once around her was bad enough.

To be on the safe side, he paced off the distance to the remainder of the offices and jotted down the information. Then he double-checked with a laser aided measuring device. Confidant that the creature in his pants would not make a repeat performance, he ventured to the front office.

Blanche sat with her back to him, her fingers clicking away at the keyboard. Her midnight black hair brushed her shoulders, the scent of it tantalizing him even from a distance. He could almost imagine the sway of her breasts as she stretched.


He couldn't even begin to hazard a guess as to the age of the system in front of her. Old enough to need a serious upgrade. As meticulous as she had been choosing a new system, he had no doubt she'd thoroughly evaluated the competition before selecting an IT company. He would be forever grateful that her research landed her in his lap.

Oh no. Bad analogy.

He made a generic sound in the back of his throat to alert her to his presence. He felt a twinge of sadness that he couldn't startle her into flashing him again.

Okay, this was getting ridiculous. These inappropriate thoughts and images had to stop. And he could think of only one way to stop them. Drastic times called for drastic measures.

Blanche pushed her chair back from her desk and spun around. An expectant smile graced her lips. "Did you manage to take care of everything?"

Ahh, solid ground. "I'm all set to begin the installation of your new computer and network tomorrow. I'll also get the cable installed for your modem. Hopefully, I'll begin work on Aaron's office tomorrow as well. Your other brothers will have to wait until Friday, I'm afraid. I want to take care of you first." He prayed the ground would open up and swallow him whole when telltale blotches popped up on her cheeks again.

On the other hand...

Did this mean her mind wallowed in the gutter right along with his? That fit right into his plans. His very unprofessional plans. So much for all of the valuable lessons and wisdom imparted by his father.

His conscience decided to pick that very moment to make an appearance. And you know what happened the last time you tread down that road, it taunted.

What could it hurt, his small head goaded. She's obviously thinking the same things I am. His cock twinged in anticipation.

Mixing business with pleasure is not wise, his damn inner voice spoke up again.

"I'm glad to know that I'll be well taken care of." Her smile promised much.

That solved that minor dilemma. "I hope you won't think I'm too forward or out of line, but would you like to go out for a drink, or better yet, dinner, this evening?" He watched the play of emotions flit across her face--intrigue, interest, and confusion.

He prayed this would not come back to bite him in the ass.

"Well...I, er...that is..."

He saw the indecision.

"Strictly business, if you prefer."

Now the look was pure disappointment. Until she spoke. "A friendly drink, or dinner, would be very nice. Should I run home and freshen up or would you rather get an early start?"

Yes! He mentally pumped a fist in the air. He could now explore this unusual lust for what it really was. A chance to get his lust under control until he finished this job.

Now to survive answering a question with no right answer, along the lines of the Do-I-look-fat-in-this-dress trap.

"I think you look fine just the way you are. But if you would be more comfortable freshening up or changing, I can wait for you here." Or wait for you in your bedroom.

"I wouldn't mind an early start myself. Do you have any place in mind?" She fiddled with a strand of hair near her ear.

"As a matter of fact, I do." He offered to drive together in order to spend more time with her. Strictly in the interest of learning the necessary facts, of course.

And you, he admonished his uncooperative penis, had better keep to yourself if you know what's good for us.


The Romance Studio
Reviewer: Angel Brewer
October 21, 2004
Overall rating: 4 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual
Blanche has a problem; she has no love life because she has been so busy trying to take care of herself and her brothers. Thanks to her brothers her longest relationship has been with her vibrator and she just wants some excitement in her life and a man to provide it. When Payton comes into her life, she figures she has finally found the man who will make her fantasies come true. Now the only problem she has is keeping her overprotective brothers out of the way long enough to work her moves on Payton. Payton wants Blanche from the moment he sees her and knows she is the woman of his dreams. He also knows that before he can even get close to Blanche he has to contend with her overbearing brothers. Payton is willing to take a chance and try to have a relationship with Blanche, but he has some relationship issues to work through himself. To make matters even worse his ex-girlfriend is determined to make his life a living hell and if she can't have him, she certainly won't let Blanche.

Blanche's Desire is a very interesting book and I really enjoyed it. It is a bit long and will take a good deal of time to read, but the story is worth it. Payton is a man who has his own relationship issues and an ex-girlfriend who is stalking him and literally making him miserable. Blanche has her brothers to contend with and sees Payton as her way to finally have a real relationship. The sexual tension is high and Blanche's brothers and Payton's ex-girlfriend accent the story. This book is a great read and I highly recommend it if you are looking for an entertaining story.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Reviewer: Aggie Tsirikas
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O
Blanche Sullivan is over-worked and under-bedded and no has time for a love life, thanks to her seven overprotective brothers. The embodiment of all her sexual fantasies, Payton Young’s sexual chemistry attracts her like no other man. Payton is attracted to Blanche before he even meets her. Drawn to the woman with the sultry voice, the reality far outweighs his fantasies when he meets Blanche in the flesh. She’s the sexy, luscious incarnation of his dreams. His ex-girlfriend, however, is determined to keep these two lovers apart. He realizes he has another battle on his hands with her siblings. Will they allow him to court her?

Blanche’s Desire is an extremely likeable, almost fairy-tale like book, by Felicia Forella that pulled me in from the first page. The whimsical touches and references to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were ingenious.

Payton Young is a truly likeable and humorous man who manages to steal Blanche’s, and the readers heart. Payton is HOT, especially when he manages to make Blanche feel both sexy and desirable. Both he and Blanche manage to set the pages on fire along their journey of love. Their sexual chemistry works well. Their first encounter is unforgettable and extremely memorable. It is one of those scenes that will remain in your memory for a while and think of dragging your significant other to the nearest bedroom. Blanche is a sexy, desirable and an intelligent woman who, despite having earned her MBA, is still willing to help her brothers in their business.

His ex-girlfriend, Reine, is a truly frightening character, especially some of the methods she employs to win back Payton. Blanche’s seven (Neanderthal) brothers deserve a story of their own. Blanche’s Desire moves along at a good pace and keeps you glued to the pages wanting to discover what will happen next.

Sizzling Romances
Reviewer: Jodi

Blanche is destined to become a spinster, thanks to seven overbearing, overprotective brothers. They know just when to interrupt, even when she’s taking care of her own needs. She’s been the secretary for Seven Brother’s Construction since the tragic accident that took their parents and left her brothers adrift. She’s taken over the role of mother hen that her mother handled so well. She knows that she needs to have a life of her own, but that’s impossible without alienating her brothers, or watching them mangle the men she brings home.

Sparks fly when Payton (PC) Young installs a computer system in her brothers’ construction company. PC just can’t seem to keep Mr. Happy down when Blanche is around. Even the thought of what seven protective brothers could and would do to him doesn’t faze his arousal when he’s around Blanche.

If a severe beating weren’t enough of a deterrent, PC has a crazed ex gunning for any woman that he shows interest in. Reine isn’t just a witch in theory either; she’s a practicing black witch, who has nothing more on her mind than getting Payton back in her life by any means necessary. These two are definitely going to have to work for this relationship.

Blanche’s frustration, surrounded by the seven overbearing males, was absolutely hilarious. Her internal comments will have the reader laughing out loud. PC’s losing battle to control his physical reaction to Blanche is equally funny. When these two come together, well, they fairly scorch the pages. Ms. Forella has written a very funny, sensuous book, loosely based on a favored fairy tale. Let me tell you, this Prince Charming’s wake-up kiss is nowhere near G-rated. I am definitely recommending this book to all my friends. BLANCHE’S DESIRE is a great book that I’m going to read again and again.