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CALL OF DUTY – August 2007

Call of Duty Appearances can be deceiving. Major Chadwick Monroe knows that all too well. He is the best fighter pilot the Air Force has ever seen and he is about to defect with the military's newest weapon. Chad has a mission very few people know about - he's an officer with the ultra-secret Air Force Security Agency, trying to thwart a Latin American terrorist organization. He has no time for a woman in his life, or so he thinks.

Casey Wilkes doesn't trust men in general, fighter pilots in particular. The divorced single mother burns the candle at both ends to make ends meet and provide a life for her young son. The last thing she needs or wants in that life is another jet jockey, especially one who exposes her to cutthroat blackguards. Even one who draws her in and captivates her. Now she just has to convince her heart she's better off without him.




Oh, good merciful God in heaven.

This is what she got for not going to church, more temptation than any ten women could avoid.

It should have been a quiet Sunday morning at home, the start of a whole day with Jackson. Instead, as Casey rounded the corner on her way to pick up her son, a nearly naked Chad jogged up to her. His muscular chest and six—no eight—pack abs glistened with a fine sheen of sweat. His skin glowed with a faint tan, all the way down to where his skimpy shorts rested low on his hips. She realized she’d licked her lips when she caught him staring at her mouth.

“Morning, Casey.” He walked in place as he spoke to her.

“Out for a morning run?” Oh, geez, how lame was that? The man wore nylon shorts, running shoes, and nothing else. Nope, he was heading out to church, which was exactly where she should be, praying for the strength to resist him. “Sorry, stupid question.”

He flashed her a I’m-glad-you-said-it grin. “Just finishing up. My apartment’s right over there.” He pointed to a building behind him. “Are you dropping off or picking up Jackson?”

“Picking up. He spends the night at Jan’s when I have to close.” The sight of all that naked male flesh turned her into a babbling idiot. “Thank you again for yesterday morning. He probably spent all last night regaling poor Jan with every detail.” It never hurt to be gracious, even when she wanted to bolt home and take care of the throbbing ache between her legs. She’d never before had such an intense urge to masturbate, but she wanted to right now.

“It was my pleasure.”

Damned if it didn’t look like he meant it. “Well, I guess I’ll go get him.”

“Mind if I walk with you? I’d like to say “hi” to the little guy.”

She shot him an incredulous look.

"Is that your nice way of saying I need a shower?” He lifted his arm and took a sniff then gave her a mischievous wink.

He didn’t smell bad. On the contrary, he smelled tangy and musky and totally male. Too much for her beleaguered defenses when combined with all that toned, muscled skin and those rippling muscles. She had a feeling she’d swallow her tongue if—when—she got a glimpse of his barely covered butt. All that nicely-haired chest was about to do her in. And that trail of darker hair that arrowed down from below his belly button and disappeared…

His shorts twitched as she stared, causing her to jerk her eyes back to his face. He cocked an eyebrow at her, flashing an amused grin. Dear God, she’d never been caught ogling a man.

“Well, I guess…I think…Jackson. He’s at Jan’s.” She started in that direction only to have Chad fall in step with her. Words failed her, rendering her unable to speak even if she had wanted to.

Jan responded to the knock on the door, her look clearly questioning the presence of the Greek God behind her. Jackson barreled past her, sparing her from any comment.


Just that fast, he spotted Chad.

“Major Chad!” Jackson launched himself at the poor unsuspecting victim, who reacted as if he’d spent years intercepting human missiles.

Did he have children? She didn’t want to know.

“Hey there, kiddo.” He shuffled her son to his hip with ease.

“Were you out wif Mommy?”

“Yes, Mommy,” Jan chimed in. “Were you out with Major Chad?”

He interjected smoothly, “I was jogging and ran into your mom. I tagged along when she told me she was coming here.” He schmoozed Jan with one of his drop dead sexy smiles and ruffled Jackson’s hair.

“Wasn’t that nice of you?” Jan’s tone implied she thought he was up to something.

“Anything to spend time with a pretty lady.”

She thought for sure he was flirting with Jan until she actually looked at him. His words may have been addressed to her friend, but his hot gaze rested on her. Her body flushed, achy and needy, matching the look in his eyes in the brief seconds before he shut it down.

"Are we gonna go for another ride, Major Chad?” Jackson wrapped his little arms around Chad’s neck, bringing him closer to all that warm, male flesh.

She was not jealous of her son. She was not.

“Not today, kiddo. I have a bunch of homework to do today to get ready for work tomorrow.”

Jackson’s foot swung dangerously close to the tantalizing bulge in Chad’s shorts. Chad scooped his leg up under the knee and held it close.

“Homework? But you’re a grown up. You don’t even have to go to school. How comes you have homework?”

“Even grown ups who don’t go to school get homework. I’m still learning to be a big, bad adversary pilot and that takes lots of work.”

“Yuck.” Jackson wiggled down, disenchanted. Casey wished her hormones were as easy to tame.

“I’ll walk you both home.”

Huh? “That’s not necessary. I’m sure that homework is calling you.”

“That can wait for a few minutes. It would be my pleasure to escort you both home.”

She’d just bet it was.

“Jan, I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again since we’re practically neighbors.” He flashed her another of those melt-your-panties-right-off-you smiles. Her panties, anyway.

“I look forward to it.”

Not if I kill you first. She squashed the uncharitable thought. “I’ll call you later, Jan.”

“I’m counting on it.” Oh, yeah, Jan would be waiting for the details.


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