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Deadly Briefs
Attorney Aiden Greene’s life had become one boring routine of work, work, and more work punctuated by weekend visits with his twins. A blast from the days when he’d been in Air Force special operations changes all of that in an instant. He winds up in the arms of his one true love and on the run for his very life.

Major Erika Dalton is one of the best officers in the history of the ultra-secret Air Force Security Agency. That’s one of the reasons she’s been assigned to protect Aiden Greene from an escaped Latin American drug lord intent on exacting retribution.

Except she can’t keep her mind on her assignment. Or her hands off of Aiden, despite the fact that back in the Spring of ’93, back at the United States Air Force Academy, he shattered her heart. Has fate given her a chance to reclaim what she lost all those years ago?




Un-Edited Excerpt - May differ from ebook and print version.

Determined to drive him wild, she scooped up the empty dinner plates and strutted over to the sink. She wiggled her butt, rewarded by a low groan rumbling from the direction of the table. Aiden's desire spurred her to flaunt the curves she normally concealed. Turning on the hot water, she filled the sink until the dishes were covered with soapsuds. She used the brush to clean the sauce off the plates and allowed her unbound breasts to sway.

"Would you like some help?"

Her nipples tingled as his arm brushed the side of her breast in a gesture meant to appear accidental. The seam of the shorts stroked her lower lips, increasing her desire and the moisture pooling between her legs. "I'd love some help." She prayed her voice conveyed the double entendre she intended. She was new to this game, more accustomed to keeping men at bay.

They cleaned the kitchen in an erotic silence, punctuated by soft moans. She accidentally on purpose splashed water on her shirt, delighting in his pained expression when it became transparent. She slid in front of Aiden as he dried the dishes, brushing against his straining zipper. His body shuddered behind her, his warm breath brushing her ear as he sighed in frustration. She bumped her breasts along his back as she moved behind him to put a pot away.

If he didn't grab her and throw her down soon, she'd melt into a puddle of lust at his feet. Her accidental contact worked her desire to a fevered pitch. She needed him to make love to her now.

"I think I'll go take a shower now, if that's all right with you."

No. It wasn't all right with her. The only thing he needed to take was her.

Gazing into his eyes for the first time since she'd started her little game, the depth of need shining in the intense gray shook her. He wanted her has much as she craved him. For some reason, he wasn't going to make the first move. Fine. She'd come this far, she'd go all the way.

"Sure, enjoy your shower." She'd make damn sure he did.

She watched as his tight butt disappeared down the hall, biting back a chuckle as he tried his best not to let her see the hard on trapped behind the zipper. She'd give him just long enough to undress and step behind the shower curtain. Then she'd pounce.

The click of the bathroom door shutting drew her attention. She hoped he hadn't locked the door, but it didn't matter. The simple device wouldn't keep her out, she could pick her way into a room with the best of them. It would, however, make her presence in the room a bit trickier to explain and alert him to her true purpose.

The clang of the water moving through the pipes set her pulse racing. Her imagination worked overtime at the thought of all that water cascading over his naked body. She imagined his penis erect and bobbing in front of him, in desperate need of attention. Did he plan to jerk off? That was one plan she'd gladly interrupt. Memories of him hot and hard in her hands teased her. Mouth watering memories of him coming down her throat revved her need to join him under the warm spray. They'd only managed stolen moments and afternoons when they'd been cadets.

Tonight, they had the whole evening stretched out in front of them.

She rapped on the door as she opened it. "Close your eyes, I'm coming in."


"I don't know, it sounded good. I hope you don't mind, but I have something in my eye and this is the best light in the house."

"Sure, no problem." His voice shook as he spoke.

Just wait, she thought as she shucked off her shirt and shorts. If he's rattled now, he'll bust a nut in a minute.

Erika's chest rose as she drew a deep breath, sending her gaze to her breasts. She'd resented the damn things from the moment they sprouted on her chest. Men's eyes rarely made it to her face, fixating on them instead and making it freaking difficult to be taken seriously in a world filled with testosterone.

Tonight, she intended to embrace the power of her breasts.

Beating down the butterflies taking flight in her stomach, she tugged back the shower curtain and stepped into the spray.

"What the fu-"

"Surprise." She pasted on what she hoped was her most seductive smile and looked Aiden in the eyes. Desire warred with confusion as he raked his gaze over her naked body. Goosebumps erupted on her skin as his eyes traveled from tip to toe, as arousing as a caress. Returning the favor, she admired his glistening form. Her appraisal stopped at his bobbing erection, jutting out in front of him. Oh my. Her memory hadn't failed her. He was as magnificent in the flesh as he'd been in her dreams.

"Erika, I'm not sure-"

Pressing the tip of her index finger to his lips, she leaned close, the tip of his erection butting her abdomen. "Don't think." God knew she lost the ability of thought at the slight touch of his penis. "Just feel." She wiggled in closer, pressing the hard length of him between them.

"God, Erika. Don't do this. We can't do this."

"Sure we can." Punctuating her words with a sensuous glide of flat belly along throbbing erection, she locked her eyes with his. "The proof is trapped between us. We're both single, mature adults. You can't tell me you don't want me. I sure as hell want you."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm a big girl, Aiden. How about you let me decide what hurts?"

Aiden's arms locked around her waist, clutching at her butt with such force that she'd probably have ten little fingerprints in the morning, but she didn't care. Her heart sang as his lips swept down and claimed hers, stealing the breath from her lungs. She'd forgotten the power of his kiss in the intervening years. His mouth moved over, searching for the perfect fit. Her hands roamed over the solid expanse of sculpted chest muscle to his shoulders before tangling in the wet strands of his hair.

Every cell in her body came alive as his tongue traced the seam of her lips, begging for entrance. Taking advantage of her soul-deep moan, he thrust deep within her mouth. A slight hint of tomato sauce lingered in his taste, along with a flavor all his own. She drank it all in, starved for him. Initiating an intimate game of cat and mouse, she captured his tongue and sucked on it before chasing it back to his mouth, where she explored to her heart's content. Every bit of skin and teeth within reach was fair game as she reacquainted herself.

He demanded, commanded, coaxed more from her. His hands came up to frame her face, tilting her head in order to deepen the kiss. Possessing her, he stroked his thumbs along her jaw, opening her further for him. Just when she thought she couldn't breathe, he shared a puff of air with her, encouraging her to continue.

As much as she longed to continue the kiss, she wanted to finish the shower so they could move to the bedroom. If they didn't get horizontal soon, she'd climb his body and impale herself. She backed away from the contact, both of them struggling to catch their breath, and reached for the soap. She worked it into a lather in her hands and set about becoming more familiar with his physique. He'd been in superb condition as a first year cadet, yet to her eyes, he looked even better now. Those trips to the gym she'd witnessed paid off; his body remained as muscular and toned as it had been during their Academy days. Starting at his neck, she trailed her hands over his shoulders and collarbones then sent her palms skating down his corded arms. He flinched when she soaped up his armpits. She'd forgotten he was ticklish. A quick push succeeded in spinning him around. After a pause to admire his amazing butt out of clothing, she explored his back before she slid her hands down to massage the firm cheeks.

She coaxed him back around, determined to finish the task she set out to complete. After working up a new froth of lather, she caressed his chest. Her thumbs traced teasing circles around his male nipples, a full body shiver resulting from the contact. His or hers, who could tell.

He caught her wrist as she began a descent. "I'll never last if you touch me. I'm about to explode as is."

A wave of power washed over her with his words. She did a mental happy dance at the knowledge of how deeply she affected him.

After directing him to rinse off, she reached around him to turn off the water. With a swift tug, he opened the curtain to grab the towel he'd set out. Before she had a chance to realize what was happening, he'd wrapped it around her and scooped her into his arms.

"Bed. Now."


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