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Ghost of a Chance Her present…

The last thing Bethany Harris expects when she inherits a classic Corvette is to find a sexy, flight suit-wearing ghost in her passenger seat. She never imagined ghosts were so handsome or so doable. Who knew she’d find love with a man who died forty years earlier and who could only gain his heavenly reward with her help? Why, oh why, does Nick Giordano have to be the embodiment of her dreams?

His past…

The only thing United States Air Force Captain Nicholas Giordano is interested in since his death in Vietnam is getting to the hereafter. Stuck in a Corvette and unable to communicate with the living, until Bethany climbs in the driver’s seat, he knows she’s the key. Hoping the answer lies in Myrtle Beach in 1965, he takes Bethany back with him to a time when he lived and loved. And has to die all over again.

Their future…?





Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Summer 1966

War was hell.

Not an original thought, Captain Nicolas Giordano mused, but an accurate one.

The stomp of his combat boots echoed through the empty halls of the office building, the stale air abraded his lungs. His mind raced through the arrangements he'd already made, the steps he still had to take, before his squadron shipped off for Vietnam in two weeks. He'd made out his will and packed up everything he wasn't taking with him so it could be stored. He'd made the rounds and said good-bye to everyone who mattered most to him.

With one exception.

The thought of parting from her just about brought him to his knees.

Of everything Nick had to leave behind when he and his fighter jet, the F-100, made the trip to South East Asia, he'd miss her the most.

He'd searched for her for years, it seemed, looking for his perfect match. They'd only had six months together and now he had to prepare to leave her.

Dammit. War really was hell.

Oh, he'd made sure she'd be well taken care of in case his plane got shot down and he never made it back to the States. But all of his precautions couldn't dull the ache that settled in his chest or the lump in his throat when he thought of leaving her behind.

Would anyone love her like he did? Would they pamper her and tend to her every need?

Plans had already formed - plans to spend the next two weeks cruising with the top down, maybe taking a spin to Pawley's Island or Folly Beach. Anything to spend as much time with her as possible, when he wasn't perfecting his dog fighting skills in the event one of the fighter bombing runs ran into difficulty.

He needed to be inside her, to hold her tight. He longed to run his hands over her sleek curves, to push her to the limits.

He exited the one-story building just off the flight line at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, anxious to see her. The sun hung low on the horizon, a ripe peach prepared to sink into the Atlantic Ocean. Still plenty of time left to cruise up and down Ocean Boulevard.

He spotted her immediately, waiting for him right where he'd left her. He swelled with pride. He just swelled, period. And in a flight suit, with other jet jockeys still milling around, getting a hard on was not the brightest of ideas.

The tang of ocean air lingered in his nostrils as he crossed to her. He trailed his fingers along her side, his blood rushing further south.

Tugging his driving gloves out of one of the many pockets in his flight suit, Nick unlocked the door of his candy apple red '64 Corvette and slid inside, the white leather interior caressing his body. Heart thumping, he backed out of the parking space and turned the sports car in the direction of the front gate. Ocean Boulevard called to him.

God, he was going to miss his Vette while he was gone.


Fallen Angel Reviews
Reviewer: Wendi
Rating: 5 Angels

What do you do with an orgasmic ghost? Take a look at Ghost of a Chance and be awakened to the erotic story of Captain Nicolas Giordano; he haunts a 1964 candy apple red Corvette that just happens to be inherited by Bethany Harris. For forty years Nicolas has haunted his one, his only love - his Corvette! Held in limbo, he is in a void where he has no sense of color, light, sensations or feelings.

But now all of that is back! Once he lays his eyes on Bethany, he can feel sensations as well as other things. It all comes rushing back to him in Technicolor. Oh, what feelings of lust Bethany provokes in him! Nicolas wonders if she is the one who can release him from that state of limbo, that void he has been in for these forty long years. As these two fall into to lust and love, they realize that a trip back in time may be the only way he can set himself free. Will Bethany be willing to give up all she knows and loves to take the trip back in time? Can Nicolas cross over to the other side with Bethany’s help or will he be fated to live life as a ghost for all eternity?

Reading Ghost of a Chance by Felicia Forella opened my eyes to a new genre - one that will leave glad that you took the time to read this sensually erotic story. Ghost of a Chance is woven to entice and captivate you, the reader. One of my favorite erotic moments in this captivating book was the oh-so-sexy dream that Bethany had about Nicolas. Was it a dream or was it reality? Which is it if both Nicolas and Bethany participated and felt the dream? Give me a hot steamy dream like that and the sheets would catch on fire!

Not only are you captivated and titillated, but you'll also be elated that you picked Ghost of a Chance. Numerous pleasurable encounters in the minds and thoughts of Bethany and Nicolas make this an erotic book worthy of reading. Ghost of a Chance gave me an enjoyable few hours of escape into a really good book.

Joyfully Reviewed
Reviewer: Melissa

When Bethany Harris inherits a classic Corvette, the last thing she expects is to also inherit a ghost along with it, especially one who is so totally hot. US Air Force Captain Nicholas Giordano has been stuck in purgatory and in his Corvette since his death in Vietnam thirty years ago. Bethany is the first owner of the Corvette who has actually seen him, which gives him hope that he may finally be able find away out. It turns out that Bethany is the key to his freedom. In order for Nick to be free, he and Bethany have to travel back to 1965 together. But once Nick and Bethany are back in his time, Nick is still due to leave for Vietnam and the flight that led to his death. Is there a chance that they can keep Nick from dying again? Or will Bethany be stuck in an unfamiliar time without the man she loves?

Of all the stories I am likely to pick up, time travel stories are usually the last on my list. I am so glad that I took a chance and picked up Ghost of a Chance. I loved this story. Nick was a playboy, but thirty years in purgatory will change a person. Bethany has been hurt by her ex-husband, so they are both wounded souls when they find each other. They spend quite a bit of time together before they actually go back to Nick’s time. Once they do, Bethany is faced with the attitudes of the day. Plus, Nick’s tour of duty in Vietnam is coming up. Both are faced with dealing with knowing the future and what happened the first time. Throw in kitchen-table-breaking love scenes, and Felicia Forella will definitely be an author I will be looking for in the future!

May Reviews
Reviewer: Polly
Rating: **** Excellent

Captain Nicolas Giordano had one true perfect love a candy apple red 64 Corvette that he was forced to leave behind because of the war. Forty years later Bethany Harris has inherited his haunted car. Nick needs help discovering what he has left undone in life that prevents him from going to heaven. He needs help. As Bethany is the first person since his death that can see and hear him Nick believes she is the one person that can help him find out how to get to heaven.

Bethany is willing to help Nick find his way to heaven to get him out of her car. She needs to sell it and get on with her life.

Ms Forella has written an intriguing ghost tale. The characters are endearing and I was pleased at how quickly I was pulled into the story. The flow was smooth as the story took me from present day into the past, while the ghost and heroine try to find Nick's path to heaven. This is a wonderful love story that engages the emotions, and the sexual situations are Hot. While hoping for the conclusion I wanted, the author made me wait to discover the ending, as I will allow you to enjoy and discover it.