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At His Command
With a long and bitter divorce finally behind her, Julia Stone is barely back on her feet when she's suddenly swept off them again by a sexy young executive with an appetite for dominance. But after years of submission to a controlling ex, can she now choose to willingly submit?

Workaholic Dalton Fairchild has been slaving night and day to build his own computer technology company. All work and no play makes Dalton a boring boy. However, the dom in him is reawakened when a chance encounter with Julia and it's up to him to convince her that, though she's At His Command, submission is the ultimate power.




What was this guy’s game? No normal twenty-something young man turned down an opportunity to go out club hopping with a young woman who looked like her daughter.

Especially not to stay with the much older mother.

“Is my daughter safe with your friend?” Julia focused her attention on Dalton and tried not to think about her daughter’s matchmaking efforts.

“He’s pretty harmless, despite what he wants people to think. I’ve never known him to treat a woman with anything less than respect.” They threaded their way to the bar.

“And how long have you known him?”

“Since we roomed together our sophomore year in college.”

“So you’ve known him what?–five years?” Not a very subtle attempt to find out his age, but she didn’t care.

He laughed, the deep masculine sound washing over her. “Definitely more than that. Our ten year reunion was last year.”

“From high school?”

"No, from college.”

Okay, so he wasn’t as young as she thought. Still, she had ten years on him. She’d just gone back for her twenty year reunion from college. Hell, her twenty-five year reunion from high school loomed right around the corner.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

What was with this guy? She didn’t have the time or the inclination to play games. “Listen, Dalton, I’m sure you’re a very nice young man– “

“Stop right there.” He grabbed her hand. “I know where you’re going and I don’t want to go down that road. I find you very attractive. I’d go so far to say that you’re the most beautiful woman in the place. It doesn’t matter to me how old you are. I’d like to spend this evening getting to know each other, to see if we might be able to do this again, say, oh, tomorrow night."


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